"Park produced a trim refined sound and demonstrated impressive technical and interpretive control...stunning and rich-toned."
The New York Times
"Park has astounding virtuosic gifts...with many opportunities for gaudy fingering and lightning passage work. If you see the name Tricia Park in any future programs, buy a ticket."
Boston Herald
"Park rose to the occasion magnificently with pure, lovely tone and ample personality."
The New York Times
"Park plays with impressive clarity, extracting achingly pure sounds from her instrument. She never hesitated and her control was total...the playing was effortlessly superb, soulful but dignified."
The Toronto Star
"She made her violin sound as dark as a cello, then deftly turned it in a spinning wheel...notes danced, perfectly pitched and focused, each landing on point and leaping away. It was a phenomenal star turn."
Pioneer Press
"Tricia Park mastered all the stunts to the point where they seemed effortless and she also made them sound musical; her playing had a daredevil's charming wink."
The Boston Globe
"Park projects all the security of a seasoned artist and the relaxed, brilliant technique of one born to play the violin."
The Cincinnati Enquirer