“Park produced a trim refined sound and demonstrated impressive technical and interpretive control…stunning and rich-toned.”

The New York Times

“Park has astounding virtuosic gifts…with many opportunities for gaudy fingering and lightning passage work. If you see the name Tricia Park in any future programs, buy a ticket.”

The Boston Herald

“Park plays with impressive clarity, extracting achingly pure sounds from her instrument. She never hesitated and her control was total…the playing was effortlessly superb, soulful but dignified.”

The Toronto Star

“Violinist Tricia Park played [Bright Sheng’s ‘The Stream Flows’]…She began with a storyteller’s pace, her tone beautifully beamed and aristocratic. As the mood intensified, a line in the text…found its analogue in the ascending line of Tricia Park’s violin. Repetitive dance rhythms slid and slithered freely and atmospherically, leaving the impression that the composer had much to say and the executant was saying it all.”

The Washington Post

“Tricia Park mastered all the stunts to the point where they seemed effortless and she also made them sound musical; her playing had a daredevil’s charming wink.”

The Boston Herald

“Tricia Park enhanced the work’s beauty with her own; her performance was without flaw…Ms. Park’s stage presence is both gentle and overwhelming at the same time. She was forced to take notice of the audience’s appreciation of her talent by our standing ovation and enthusiastic applause which pulled her back to the head of the stage again and again.”

The River-News Stockton (CA)
"Park has a gorgeous tone, at once pure, brilliant and round."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Park’s tone was excellent and her vibrato well controlled...[she] navigated it with a flawless assurance."

The Boston Musical Intelligencer
"The highlight of the evening was the playing of Tricia Park, a superb young violinist, performing with passion and with remarkable accuracy of tone. When it's her turn to attack, she goes for it."
The Cedar Rapids Gazette

“Park projects all the security of a seasoned artist and the relaxed, brilliant technique of one born to play the violin…From the first note, Miss Park executed double and triple stops, fiendish upper harmonics and wide leaps effortlessly. Her intonation was superb, and she projected a pure, sweet tone even in the highest registers.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Park wowed the audience with her playing...Park's tone was gorgeous throughout...A spectacular performance."
The Daily Gazette

“Park's performance Thursday night was nothing short of brilliant…magnificent, soaring, ringing, wrenching in mournful, haunting lines. The speed and accuracy with which Park met the demands of this work was outstanding. For such a petite human being to demonstrate such powerful physical mastery and endurance seemed to defy belief. Her flashing runs were clean and accurate. Her dynamics were smooth in their segues. With her beautiful instrument she produced rich, fully rounded notes which had great power and at the same time, a delicacy that was intriguing when it was required and when she decided to employ it...Park’s control, her poise and astonishing power brought the audience to its feet for a much deserved standing ovation, amid cries of ‘bravo!’"

Naples Daily News

“She made her violin sound as dark as a cello, then deftly turned it in a spinning wheel…notes danced, perfectly pitched and focused, each landing on point and leaping away. It was a phenomenal star turn.”

Pioneer Press (Ravinia Rising Stars)

“Park rose to the occasion magnificently with pure, lovely tone and ample personality.”

The New York Times
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